Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One Moment In Time

My mom asked me a question today.

And I quote:

"Do you think you're going to make it at West Dean?"

This is the moment I decided to go to England, become a kick-a conservator, and make conservation friends (who in no way will replace my American friends).

Side note: This makes me wonder if my mom is asking me this to make sure I'm not wasteing time and money or to get me fired up...something I tend to do when people question my abilities. Guess I'll never know, but if it's the latter it worked.

Another side note: The other girl from BYU that went to West Dean sent me a couple emails asking if 1. I wanted her to leave her cell phone, hair dryer and desk fan for me (H YES!) 2. She told me all about the amazing ward out there and how much she loved the bishop and that they are her English family (cough cough) 3. She told me she got a job at the Yale Center for British Art (HELL YES! That's amazing!!!!!)

Love you all. Miss you more than I could ever say.


jess said...

Glad to hear your all pepped up for big, bad England. You will likely be the most amazing conservator to enter the industry....ever!

jenny said...

Holy Crap I'm glad you're alive! I have so many stories to tell you. Today was insane. We are both starting crazy new chapters of our lives, man. I wish you were still here. I have no idea who I'll ask all my annoying questions too now, but I guess I'll have to grow up sometime. MISS YOU A BUTTLOAD. LITERALLY.
love jenny!

jenny said...

note: "too now" makes no sense.. I clearly meant "to now"

Annalise said...

Glad you got all fired up! I was hoping that would happen sometime, I just didn't want to be the one to say you couldn't do it, because I know you can. Go kick some ass! And don't worry, I will ACTUALLY come visit. It's in the works.

Miss you!

k town said...

damn straight, krizzle! and what ever was that cough, cough for?

khaki said...

amen to that chica! i know, i know, i haven't made a comment in awhile. when i moved, i moved to the dark ages. no cable, no internet, no advancements whatsoever. feels like home.

YEAH! i'm so glad to hear you are ready to kick ass. we should make you a theme song.

miss you

Michon said...

oh my gosh i miss you too freaking much to put into a "comment" sounds so exciting....i'm freaking handle...shutting down