Monday, December 28, 2009

I REALLY need a haircut!

So when Jackie tells you you need a know it's necessary. Don't worry Jackie I'm not even a little bit offended, facts are facts. So I've been doing a little bit of a search for what I want and here's a couple haircuts I like so far....what do you think?

So with this one it's hard to actually see what the haircut looks like, but I like the style. And I like that she could probably put all of her hair back in a ponytail (a major must for me).

Yes, this is a picture of Heidi on tv, I took a picture of her paused on my tv to get this one. I really like this cut, but some of the front layers are really short...would require bobby pins when ponytailing.....not desirable.

This looks cute (obviously ignore the color as I will never have pink tips) but that aside it's a basic long bob, can't go wrong.....right?

Now imagine these hairstyles around a fatter, less perfect face and you will get me....any opinions?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Christmas Present EVER!

So when Jackie and I took our awesome road trip from Philly to Utah I was given the assignment of getting the first of many rounds of snacks. At a random gas station in Jersey I found these....aka the best pretzels ever and object of my obsession ever since. We're talking anytime I went into a random gas station, grocery store, I would do a quick scan on the snack aisle just in case they had somehow by some miracle landed on the shelf.

Several months ago I went so far as to visit the Frito Lay web site to do some serious research on where I could get these babies. Turned out there were none within a 50 mile radius of my parents house.

No go forward several months and get Jackie on the case. She called the manufacturer, found out they were only sold east of the Mississippi river. Nope that didn't stop her, then she found a store in Jersey that sold them, then she called the store and had them set aside 10 bags! They were then picked up by her friend and mailed to Jackie who then wrapped the case of pretzels and gave them to me last night for Christmas!!!!!! Seriously! BEST GIFT EVER! To anyone who was planning on getting me something for Christmas, consider your gift topped.....but I will still accept them :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


So I downloaded Boggle on my iPhone $1.99 I've spent in a long time! I'm totally hooked.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Turkey Heads!

Frisco Frosty

Well today Jackie, Jenny and I did the Frisco Frosty 5K. Jenny kicked some serious butt and Jackie and I managed to finish in respectable times. It was a good race and the perfect way to start a day that included a cookie exchange....less guilt that way.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cookie Mania

This morning I baked 8 dozen cookies for my sisters cookie exchange this weekend. She is really serious about in she told a lady from last year that if she brought "break and bake" cookies again this year she couldn't partake in the exchange. Seriously! So funny!


So I downloaded a blogger app on my phone because these days I seem to hardly bother with turning my computer on. We'll see if this increases my blogging...maybe it will maybe it won't. I figure it's worth a try.

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