Friday, February 27, 2009

One small step

I sent my passport off yesterday for renewal. It expired this month and it suddenly dawned on me that if I wanted to leave the country in a hurry the boarder patrol, customs, and the airline attendants would squash that idea real quick. So off I sent it for a mere $75 I will get my new little book to fill with stamps all over again!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I purchased this hat at Target yesterday for ONE DOLLAR! It's times like these that I love America. To celebrate my fantastic St. Patrick's Day find I decided to call my Irish friend Catherine and have a video conversation with the hat on. I mean how funny would it be to turn on the video and see that on the other end? I found this hilarious...she had no idea what this hat was supposed to be. Either way I laughed about it all day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Frightening yet hilarious

Today I watched as a 40 something year old lady tried on a pair of purple snake skin patterned leggings.....just the leggings, as in she thought they were pants.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wrong side of the bed

I was under the impression that I have SOME ability to hide my true feelings when it comes to working at Macy's. Today however that idea was proven incorrect. The following is a list of signals that may have tipped off my co-workers that I was in a bad mood:

1. My refusal to participate in the morning rally where we were supposed to dance the electric slide to get pumped up to sell sell 8:45 Kristi does no dancing.
2. My lack of friendliness towards several people as I collected the trash cans that are stationed at my rap stand.
3. My decision to re-size the sale rack again in order to prevent myself from having to talk to people.
4. My lack of the use of the word "outstanding". (sarcastic usage excluded)

As it turns out people pick up on these things.....outstanding.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Line

Well as some of you know I had the pleasure (no I'm not being sarcastic....seriously, I'm not) of driving with Jackie from Philadelphia, PA all the way to Lehi, UT. In case you don't realize it, that's a really long way. This fact was realized when I opened up the map of the USA with our route highlighted.....ONE-----VERY-----LONG-----LINE. In my head I knew this was a long way, however when you look at how far it is on a map, rather than the tiny version in my head you realize how long it truly is.

Our first night of driving Jackie pulled out this map and the flashlight she had stowed in the glove box and began looking at the line. She looked, and looked and looked and looked until I finally asked her how that line was looking. Well, that started a running joke about the line that continued even after we arrived and I was back in Texas. The trip was filled with lots of memorable moments, including me thinking Sapp Brothers was a pancake is in fact a place to get your car fixed, me belting out the best of Garth Brooks when I got my "second wind" sorry Jackie, Jackie coming in early during nearly every song she sang, and the two of us periodically loosing our minds. Needless to say it was a very entertaining road trip, one I will never forget....and hopefully never make again. Fingers crossed....keep that line away from me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was telling Jackie about how I once went to see Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance and just as the show was starting a woman rushed the stage and threw her underwear at him....seriously, it happened.

This conversation prompted discussion on what music stars we would be willing to give such treatment.

My answer: Bono, Chris Martin

Jackie's answer: Josh Groban

It was awesome, and hilarious.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sometimes I get excited about very small things. Take for instance my new tube of forget how crappy your mascara is until you get a new perfect one.

Friday, February 06, 2009

What happens when your phone is smarter than you

So for Christmas Santa brought me a new cell phone. Allowing me to go from a phone something like this....old man not included.

To this little baby.
Needless to say it was a big jump in technology. I mean this thing knows where I am at all times, tells me the weather, keeps my calendar (and boy is it jam packed), allows me to listen to soothing sounds as I go to sleep, calculate tips, find restaurants, gives me a workout program, you name it this thing can do it. It's freaking amazing.

Now the tricky part is what happens when your phone is smarter than you. As of a day and a half ago my phone was not ringing or making any sounds...not even the keyboard clicks. I downloaded the new software, reprogrammed all my settings, blah blah blah. I tried everything. So as a last resort I took it into the ATT store. As I'm waiting there this helper guy asks why I'm there and I tell him about how my phone is not making any sounds. I hand him the phone, he moves the "silent mode" switch on the side and voila it's fixed!....and Kristi is the dumbest iPhone owner out there.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A pointless post

Well I'd like to say that I have exciting news or that something truly entertaining has happened in my life, but that would be a lie. I do however have an overwhelming urge to write a post. Like I said nothing has happened, no forts built or the like, I did however work a lot this week which is a good thing.

I also attended my first aerobics class at LA Fitness (the big winner in my free trial marathon). Cardio Kickboxing was the only class that I could fit into my work schedule so that's how I chose it. I gotta say it kicked my butt but was pretty fun. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, hopefully not as sore as the last time I worked out with Will (the trainer guy) who took away my ability to walk and caused me to consider throwing myself down the stairs in the Stonebriar mall rather than endure the pain of walking down them.