Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bookie Open Evening No.2

Well we bookies had an open evening last week and I thought it would be nice for you all to see a group photo nearly everyone. Brannah decided to make this awesome banner in order to explain what we do exactly. The evening went really well and everyone seemed to have a nice time viewing everyones work and learning how to do a couple of the things we do. As you can see we went all out on the bread and even managed to serve drinks from giant beakers and graduated cylinders, not too shabby....although very nerdy.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Book a dentist appointment

Have you ever looked at someone and thought about what they would sound like before actually hearing them only to be completely shocked by what you actually hear? I was on the train from Chichester to Brighton on Friday and this nice looking girl in very conservative work wear got on the train. She looked like a nice enough girl maybe even a little sheepish. Well as soon as she got on the phone I was very rudely awakened. First of all she was one of those London girls who says "right" after every word, kind of like the American "like". She then went on to use probably the most foul language I had ever a PUBLIC train, where everyone could hear her. Then she started telling the person on the phone about how the phrase "I'm going to punch your teeth in" can be a very effective phrase and that the person on the phone on the phone should start using it. AND then she said this, "Tell her to book a dentist appointment now because come Monday she's gonna need one." I about lost it!.....and also made sure to not make any eye contact with this chick because she was clearly off her head. Just had to share that one.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Sheet of Paper

Someone told me about this exhibition at the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery in DC. The rule was the artist could only use one sheet of paper. You should check it out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Something Surreal

Well the new term has started back up at West Dean and I have been given a very curious object. It is an exhibition catalogue from a Salvador Dali exhibition....and boy is it a strange one. As you can see it is a figure made of hair with a drawer coming out of her face. To make matters even more surreal they decided to make her breasts flip open and show off little images of the work in the exhibition. Needless to say it is an interesting say the least.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bookie-palooza 2008

Ok, so I know that is the most LAME title EVER, but that's all I could think of. So today Sonia and I head off for a little road trip to Loughborough (no idea where that is) to attend the annual Society of Bookbinders Conference. (I know I'm lame) Anyway, people are requesting posts and I figure I should deliver, no matter how boring and close to losing the will to live I push you guys to.

So the Society of Bookbinders operates under the acronym SoB....I realize I am about 11 years old, but how funny is that? I think when your acronym makes inappropriate three letter words or acronyms for other less than PG phrases, maybe it's time to set that idea aside and go by your full name. Just had to get that out there because apparently I have yet to move up to the 5th grade.

Needless to say I will be away for a couple days and nowhere near a computer, but I just wanted to get something out there for M and J who have been telling me I am missed lately....thank you very much, I miss you too.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Snow in Brighton

Well I am currently staying in Brighton with Catherine while writing my really really boring paper for the MA that is due on my first day back from Easter break. On Friday Catherine told me that there was an arctic chill heading to England and that it would snow this weekend. I did not believe her at all, just assumed she was pulling my leg. Well I woke up yesterday morning greeted with a blanket of snow on everything and continued snow fall until about 3pm. CRAZY! Snow! In Brighton! In April!

Anyway, I know I promised to "up the funny" and this is in now way shape or form even remotely entertaining, but it was so unbelievable that I couldn't resist posting about it.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Dear Jenny,

I so swear that I will start blogging more often. Consider your invitation to up the funny accepted.