Friday, May 29, 2009

Monster Craving

I recently watched an episode of a show called Unwrapped on the food network. Basically they show you how certain types of foods are made, well this particular episode was all about ice cream. The segment included an in depth analysis of the Dairy Queen Blizzard: how it's made, how the new flavors are invented, the testing process to make sure it can withstand the up-side-down test. Ever since this show all I can think about is Blizzards! Chocolate ones, Oreo ones, Reeces Peanut Butter cup ones, you name it I have thought about it. I thought the only way to rectify this was to go out and get one, so I did. THIS WAS A BAD IDEA! Now that I have the very recent memory of just how truly good these things are I want them all the time! No bueno!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wish List

Lately I've been thinking about some of the things I want in my house.....once I have one that is. So far this is what I've got.

Striped carpet on my stairs, not necessarily this particular color, but you get the idea.

A closet like this....but with a better shoe rack.

A garden like this....ok maybe not quite as grand but one that is wild yet organized.

Some white roses....more specifically "Iceberg Roses" they climb and smell REALLY good.

And of course one of these :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So during the last week I started feeling more detached from people than usual....this led to my decision to use Facebook a little bit more than none, which is about how often I use it now. What did this get me? An opportunity to change EVERY password, all because I was dumb enough to fall for the fake Facebook sign in page that looked exactly like the real Facebook. Will I make Facebook a bigger part of my life.....seems like a bad idea as of right now.

Friday, May 22, 2009

People Suck.....put that on a pillow

Ok, today a lady was carting around a butt load of clothes to take into the dressing room. I walked past her and she told me flat out that she was going to make a mess out of the dressing room. As in she was planning on trashing the place so I could go clean up her royal mess. She then put a ridiculous number of items on hold, pushed in front of another customer when she returned for her clothes, spilled cinnamon and sugar all over my check out area and then got mad at me for brushing away her detritus before laying her clothes down. SERIOUSLY! This is not an uncommon occurrence. It's events like these that have spawned my new life saying, "people suck" (said in a sarcastically happy sing song sort of way.....if you want the full effect).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now Open!

I opened up my own conservation studio today! By opened I really mean that I moved my conservation tools out of my closet and into my sister Jill's bedroom where my desk is. I also pilfered an elephant lamp from my dad's office and set up my iPod speakers. I started working on a photo album my grandma gave me about a year ago, it's one VERY small step, but it felt good.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why? Part II

So the braless wonder has struck again. I was at the gym the other day, in the women's locker room sitting on a bench taking off my shoes when I notice out of the corner of my eye someone walking towards me. Yep, it was her.....naked......with nothing but her t-shirt wadded up in front of her who-ha. Needless to say I was traumatized.

Friday, May 08, 2009


There is this lady at the gym who works out a' in she does things like using the stationary rower or the treadmill without wearing a bra. She's probably around 50ish, so lets be honest those babies are not exactly perky. In fact as she was power walking in front of me today the song "do your ears hang low" kept running through my head. Why on earth would someone do that?! I am baffled.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is this a joke?

This email was in my inbox today. INBOX as in my email didn't think this baby was junk. Seriously? Who sent this to me? Not cool!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Irish Texan

Last week my friend Catherine came to visit me! It was a really fantastic trip filled with Texas stuff. Here's an image gallery of some of the highlights.

Our first stop....after Target was the Fort Worth Stock Yards. This is where Catherine saw her first cattle drive.....ten cattle lumbering down the street with 10 cowboys calling out, "here cattle". It was pretty funny.
Here cattle! I thought this one was a beaut.

After the cattle drive we visited an old fashioned western wear store and watched a guy steaming hats into shape. Catherine picked out this one for me....a little froo froo.
Inside the store there were tons of boots. Inside a special vault they had exotic custom made boots that were priced anywhere from $600 to $1000, here I am with a pair of ostrich skins in the boot vault.
Catherine did lots of research on San Antonio, she even received a couple emails from Mr. San Antonio himself. Here we are at the Alamo....a place I thought I had visited, but as it turns out I had been to a replica of the Alamo. I figured this out when there were no train tracks in front of the building anymore....and the real place is smaller.
From San Antonio we drove down to Padre Island and I got to drive my Cruiser on the beach!
After our trip down south we headed back to Dallas and went to The Dallas World Aquarium, this place is cool! It's basically an indoor rain forest. I got to feed this toucan 2 blueberries!
I'm trying to lure him back for the second one.
Catherine and I came across this fountain and she decided to do a little jig.
Still jigging.
We walked over to the Reunion Tower (the ball). If you haven't been here in a while it's completely renovated, very nice inside now. Sadly the restaurant was booked for the evening so we couldn't go up.
Another western shop, with some sweet signs. We had lots of fun, saw loads and had plenty of good food. It was nice to have someone to hang out with, I think I learned a lot about Texas in the 10 days Catherine was here. All in all a fantastic trip.