Friday, June 08, 2007

Dear Jackie,

Have I ever told you how much I love the fact that you have a link to the CDC on your blog? You are hilarious.



Jackie said...

a blog about the CDC!! yay!

Jackie said...

So I went to this AAPA conference and attended a lecture on new vaccinations put out by the CDC. One that I found interesting was for HPV. It was interesting that the vaccination included four different strains of the virus (and there are somewhere between forty to fifty out there) and that those strains could cover around 70% protection, but only after finishing the series.

It's cool in that it's a vaccination that can prevent cancer (since HPV and cervical cancer are best of buds), but really depressing to see that they are giving it to girls as young as nine (side note: they stop giving the vaccine at 26).

Jackie said...

p.s.: Did I mention that by age 50, 80% of all the women in the US will have aquired HPV infection.

Jackie said...

p.p.s: aren't you glad I took up this entire post's comment's section talking about an STD?