Thursday, August 30, 2007


My mom and I stopped at a "junktique" yard on the way home from Kentucky and boy was I amazed at all the crap this place had. I mean look at it! Have you ever seen so much crap piled outside like this with such pride?! It was truly amazing. I took some pictures of a couple things I found interesting:
I never realized just how huge a stop light was until I was standing looking down at this baby. I mean it's HUGE!As I walked through the endless piles of stuff I came across this table filled with old fans and I couldn't stop thinking of Pottery Barn, people pay good money for crap like this and here it was baking in the Kentucky sun just waiting to be sold.


Annalise said...

So you can buy this stuff? How cool would it be to have a stop light in your living room??

Clay and Katy said...

you didnt get anything??? cant you smell a project!!!! hahaha. love the pictures of the fans by the way :)