Friday, February 22, 2008

My degree in pop-up books

Well, I'm sure you don't want to hear any more about my actual academic experience at West Dean, but the MA portion of my program started this week and I thought I would tell you what I'm getting an MA in. Pop-up books. That's right, I am getting a degree in the repair of pop-up books. Don't get me wrong there is a science to this stuff and I will be performing loads of tests on repair methods and what not, but I think it's hilarious that I'm focusing my degree on something so cool. So far I have visited a couple places with pop-up collections and I thought I would show you some of the cool stuff I have seen.


Annalise said...

Wow that is so cool! You should make a pop up book, that'd be a lot of fun.

Michon said...

i honestly love your life. pop up books?! for real. i love them. i was actually smiling when i read that...and now i'm going to go find my old pop up books! AHHHHHH! you are so darn lucky...i hope you know that

Jackie said...

so how did Sonia like her gift?

Clay and Katy said...

that is very cool!!!

i actually have a couple of pop up books that need repair...jack isnt quite ready for those kinds of books yet i guess :)

guess you will have to come visit me!!!!!!

jenny said...

Hi this is professor mc'neely from the pop-up book university!

I hope you got that reference.

I miss you. Come to America.