Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Line

Well as some of you know I had the pleasure (no I'm not being sarcastic....seriously, I'm not) of driving with Jackie from Philadelphia, PA all the way to Lehi, UT. In case you don't realize it, that's a really long way. This fact was realized when I opened up the map of the USA with our route highlighted.....ONE-----VERY-----LONG-----LINE. In my head I knew this was a long way, however when you look at how far it is on a map, rather than the tiny version in my head you realize how long it truly is.

Our first night of driving Jackie pulled out this map and the flashlight she had stowed in the glove box and began looking at the line. She looked, and looked and looked and looked until I finally asked her how that line was looking. Well, that started a running joke about the line that continued even after we arrived and I was back in Texas. The trip was filled with lots of memorable moments, including me thinking Sapp Brothers was a pancake house....it is in fact a place to get your car fixed, me belting out the best of Garth Brooks when I got my "second wind"....so sorry Jackie, Jackie coming in early during nearly every song she sang, and the two of us periodically loosing our minds. Needless to say it was a very entertaining road trip, one I will never forget....and hopefully never make again. Fingers crossed....keep that line away from me.


Jacqueline said...

yeah, that's when it dawned on me how long that line was. amen to the crazy fun and amen to hopefully never doing that again. I think we're tapped out with I-80.

bradget said...

This reminds me of our 24 hour drive from Provo to Plano. All I can remember about that trip is eating 3 HUGE bags of Cheetos. I don't think I've had a Cheeto since.

PS - until this moment I also thought Sapp Brothers was a pancake house.