Monday, November 02, 2009

Million Dollar Ribbon

So today Jackie and I went into Michael's with two things in mind. Jackie wanted ribbon and I was going to buy a tube of paint....both purchases were going to be made with our 40% off coupons. Some how we walked out of there signed up for a cake decorating class, I had no paint, and Jackie bought the worlds most expensive ribbon at $5.75 a joke. In her defense she did not know the price and we were so distracted that when she made the purchase we didn't realize how ridiculous this ribbon was. Anyway, we are both excited about the cake decorating....maybe now I will have something to blog about!


Annalise said...

I just signed up for a cake decorating class through Michael's that starts this week. I wish I could take it with you guys! That would be so awesome. We'll have to share pictures and stories. Unfortunately I'm the only person signed up for the class so far and there's a minimum of 4 to hold it so we'll see if I actually get to take it.

jenny said...

Where was I!? I WANT TO SIGN UP!