Monday, December 28, 2009

I REALLY need a haircut!

So when Jackie tells you you need a know it's necessary. Don't worry Jackie I'm not even a little bit offended, facts are facts. So I've been doing a little bit of a search for what I want and here's a couple haircuts I like so far....what do you think?

So with this one it's hard to actually see what the haircut looks like, but I like the style. And I like that she could probably put all of her hair back in a ponytail (a major must for me).

Yes, this is a picture of Heidi on tv, I took a picture of her paused on my tv to get this one. I really like this cut, but some of the front layers are really short...would require bobby pins when ponytailing.....not desirable.

This looks cute (obviously ignore the color as I will never have pink tips) but that aside it's a basic long bob, can't go wrong.....right?

Now imagine these hairstyles around a fatter, less perfect face and you will get me....any opinions?

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jenny said...

The bob. DO IT. It'd be so so cute. I am about to do a hair post too!!! I am so sick of my hair. That, and half of it is gone. Maybe I should just go Sinead O Conner.