Monday, September 10, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

Well I leave today to return to England. I had a fantastic summer filled with lots of visits and even more shenanigans. Just wanted to let the readership know that I will be out of the blogging commission for a little bit, but have no fear I will return as soon as I can sit myself down and get my computer up and running.


Clay and Katy said...

thanks for the phone call before you left the country...i wanted to hear about all of your trips and such but oh well. thats cool...i see how important i am these days!!! i hope you made it back safely :)

Jackie said...

Every time you leave I miss you the next day, and I think it's because that part of my day that was previously filled with lots of chatter is now a vacant time slot. I know our lives will get busy over the months to come and we won't have our daily chat about nothing and everything.

Annalise said...

Miss you!!! How's your first week back?