Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Pictures

Well I know I've been posting a lot of picture and refraining from writing as of late, but I was just looking through my pictures from my trip to see Jackie in Philly and realized that I never posted those, although maybe I did send an email with them in a gallery....not really sure honestly. Anyway, there are some fun ones so I thought I would post a few.
I decided to bring Jackie an awesome carmel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory...i think she liked it.
Here's Jackie with her hero....the metal version of Rocky...nice.
I decided to go the other direction and live strong....sans wrist band.
Here we are with old liberty herself.
And finally with a classic city view before entering a museum...can't remember which, but it was good.


Clay and Katy said...

looks like a fun trip! maybe your next trip will be to the beautiful city of seattle!!!

um and whats up with your blog? i feel like i am missing out on some pictures or something with all the "x's"... :(

Katie and Andy said...

Hey friend. I haven't seen you in ages. When are you coming to P-Town?

Jackie said...

man, that trip felt like forever ago and it's been like five months. yeah, i think it's time for a repeat visit