Thursday, May 29, 2008


krizzle says:deadly

krizzle says:so i'm trying to integrate the word deadly into my vocabulary

Annalise says:indeed

krizzle says:(i know i'm a nerd)

Annalise says:haha, I thought it was an odd placement

krizzle says:when i was in dublin all of catherine's friends used the word deadly where i would say awesome

krizzle says:i was totally getting a buzz off it

Annalise says:okay you start the trend over there and I'll start it on this continent

Annalise says:that's awesome

Annalise says:er, I mean DEADLY

krizzle says:haha

krizzle says:nice

Annalise says:I bet it's funny

krizzle says:maybe you should try it out

Annalise says:I think I'm gonna

krizzle says:deadly

krizzle says:do it

krizzle says:this is a good blog topic

Annalise says:haha, yes it is, do it

Annalise says:I need to blog

krizzle says:me too

krizzle says:i am not deadly at blogging

krizzle says:haha

krizzle says:does not get old


Annalise said...

That was deadly conversation. We need to have more of those.

jenny said...

I say lots of cool things now. But when I try to remember them I can't. But they're all deadly.

Jackie said...

yeah, i'm gonna use that the next time I'm working the ICU.

Nurse: How's Mrs. Krabappel in room 203?

me: deadly. totally deadly.

I think it flows off the tongue nicely, don't you?