Monday, June 09, 2008

Blast from the past

This weekend I visited Bodium Castle with Catherine and was taken back to the days of study abroad. In my mind this was the first day trip we took...whether that is correct or not I am not sure, but I do remember not being good friends with the usual crew yet so it must have been early on. It has changed a little since my last visit, there is now a tea room and a shop which I don't remember at all. There were also lots and lots of English people basking in the sun and having yummy looking picnics....I recall this place being completely dead when we arrived. Either way both visits were educational as well as entertaining. As far as castles go it's quite small and the inside is almost totally ruined, but you can climb a tall spiral staircase and see beautiful country views from the tops of the towers. Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon.


Annalise said...

Fun! I remember Bodiam Castle. And yeah, it was the first, before we all had our groups. I hung out with the red-head Katie I think, who was flirting with Kaleb like crazy. Good times.

Jacqueline said...

you tour a castle, i did a rectal exam. life so isn't fair.

jenny said...

I wanna live in a castle.