Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cling film?

In the UK people do not use the term "Saran Wrap", instead they refer to the clear plastic stuff as "cling film". After making a shopping list the other day I mentioned to Catherine that we were out of Saran wrap (which prompted her to repeat my phrase in a REALLY American accent). Much to my surprise and entertainment the shopping list said "cerrang wrap" when I looked at the final list. It should also be mentioned that the Irish love to use the letters "g" and "h"....often silently. So you can only imagine how entertaining I found the idea that we would be going to Tesco to purchase a roll of cerrang wrap. Needless to say, it was awesome.


jenny said...

hahaha That is really funny. Are you coming here or WHAT!?

Jackie said...

nice. in the hospital we are required to wrap up food if we take it out of the cafeteria, and i've burnt through like 1000 feet of saran wrap. here's to saving the environment