Friday, October 10, 2008

Deja vu

Yesterday I went to London to volunteer at the London Metropolitan Archives cleaning old wills...a little boring to be hontst. But, the strange thing was I have never been there so I came up from the underground at Farringdon station to discover I did knew where I was. Then I followed my map to a street called Bowling Green Lane....very familiar again and quickly discovered a red door with the letters BUNAC. This was the place Annalise and I went three years ago to sort out our visas and jobs when we came to England and it is right next to the Archives...crazy!


Annalise said...

While I was reading your post I was thinking, hey this sounds familiar to me too. Farringdon, Bowling Green Lane...all familiar. That's funny! Oh, BUNAC. I totally forgot about that place with the red door. You should have taken a picture!

Annalise said...

Okay, I have a new favorite TV show and I can't wait to introduce you! You're gonna love it, get excited.