Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I tagged myself

So nobody tagged me....to my knowledge, but I love lists so naturally I participated.

Things I'm looking forward to:

1. Jill and Alex coming on Thursday
2. Seeing the new Harry Potter
3. Finding my real job
4. Going to pilates
5. Dog-sitting Ho-ho and Maxi-pie
6. Going to Northern Ireland for a month
7. Jackie coming to Texas
8. Other fun stuff

Things I did this weekend:
1. Worked
2. Went to dinner with my parents
3. Worked
4. Checked my email several times
5. Worked
6. Workout
7. Slept in a little
8. Worked

Things I wish I could do:
1. Have my own conservation studio
2. Become a real runner
3. Be really skinny
4. Own a dog
5. Be really good at budgeting and saving money for the future
6. Hang out with my friends more
7. Have a real life
8. Sleep in every day....that one was Annalise's but ditto.

Shows that I watch:
I don't watch anything religiously anymore, just a lot of HGTV shows

Places I'd like to travel:
1. Easter Island
2. Hungry
3. Iceland
4. Greece
5. Hawaii
6. Boston
7. Panama
8. Anywhere I can see the Northern Lights


Annalise said...

Jenny totally tagged you! I think. Otherwise I definitely would have. Good list, although it kind of made me sad. We should pick one of our mutual desired traveling destinations and take a trip together! That would be fun!

Dude, I'm totally calling you back tonight. I'm sorry I'm such a bad friend.

Jacqueline said...

WOO HOO i made the list! hey when do you fly back to texas from Ireland?

Jacqueline said...

and do you know how to make my name stop saying jacqueline? i'm using my official email a lot lately (since i'm getting rid of the jackie.md one) and i hate how it keeps saying my full name.

Jacqueline said...

oh, and call me in the morning, fun story about a patient i just gotta share

(and now i'mstopping with the comments. sorry so many

jenny said...

I'm HURT and HURT. I completely 100% tagged you. OUCH TO THE OUCH