Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Not in the cards

Well ever since I went to my first pilates class I have wanted to go month later I still haven't made it. My work schedule seems to foul this up every week....except this week. So I go to the gym after work excited for my second pilates class only to find out that on the first Tuesday of every month they do not have pilates, instead they have a "taster class" where the aerobics director does a little step, a little kickbox cardio and a little Latin flava dance non-sweat-producing thing. Since I was already there I decided to stay and do the class, which turned out to be very entertaining. Two men showed up and it seemed like no matter how many times we repeated a move they were always behind, going the opposite direction or just standing there in confusion. I imagine this is the kind of entertainment people had the pleasure of enjoying at my first step class....hate to admit it but it was pretty fun to watch them. Maybe I'll get to go to pilates next week :)

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Jackie said...

ooo, fun class. i vote this one