Sunday, June 20, 2010

She-Ra Workout

So my roommate has been doing the Men's Health "Spartacus" workout. I think I found the women's equivalent today...on accident. Hopefully I don't pay for it too dearly tomorrow. From now on I will be calling the Women's Health "endurance workout" the She-Ra Workout. Remember She-Ra? She was the Princess of Power, said to be the most powerful woman in the universe. If I had the strength to do this even three times a week I might be half the woman She-Ra was, you could call me She-Sti, or Shish-kum-ba, or just Kristi whatever you want.

I would put a link to said workout but as I found out tonight half the links on the Women's Health website are broken....lame! It is in their magazine out right now that is just workouts if you are really interested. Basically I ended up doing sprints, jogging, walking, chasses, grapevines, push-ups, crunches, running up bleachers, I'm tired just thinking about it. She-Ra here I come!

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