Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dear Mavs,

Thank you for giving me hours and hours of joy, pain, triumph, and defeat. I have not been this excited to watch basketball since the Jordan days, and I'm not talking about when he came out of retirement for the second time. You showed the league what the game is all about. Gave us a glimpse of a league where a title isn't won by a single player (cough cough Wade). Your unselfish desire to win using teamwork and willingness to work together in order to accomplish a common goal gave me the hope that the NBA is not going to crap.

Dirk - Thanks for the sneers, the beautiful 3's and the raw German power

Jet - It was you who brought me into the fold, once I learned about your superstitions I was hooked. Here's to tall socks, chicken, and rainbow jumpers.

Devon - So much talent and you're so young, I gotta say I'm excited to see where your game is headed.

Josh - Clutch, that's all I've got to say.

Griff - You're a good starter and a powerful force to recon with.

Diop - Thanks for the dunks and for stuffing Shaq a couple times.

Stack - You are one bad ass mofo, always hitting 3's, driving to the basket and I'll never forget how you brought Shaq crashing to the floor.

Marquis - You're a dark horse, thanks for bringing it tonight.

Damp - Old school look with new school moves.

Avery - The Little General, coach of the year, our fearless leader, I salute you.

Kristin and Jenny - Thanks for helping me renew my love of the game.

I will mourn this loss, but I look forward to next season. Please don't tear this team apart come draft time.



jenny said...

All i can say is AMEN. MFFL

Michon said...

ummm i dont know what to say..the teams i cheer for are cursed. its all my fault. not to mention jj gets drunk and now the righteous jazz wont take sports hate me