Thursday, June 29, 2006

Evolution of a Nickname

This weekend I was introduced to the most famous member of the Willy family (other than Ryan)...Wendy. I arrived and was instantly given a walk on roll on the Wendy show and gladly accepted.

On Sunday night we played a game of "Ooder Deeder" also known as Up the River Down the River and I was able to see the evolution of a nickname take place.

Here's how it started and where it ended:
Kristi (actual name)
K-town (too confusing)
Crisco (not my favorite)
Monte Cristo

That's right in two hours I went from being a city, to a tub of animal fat, to a place (or a sandwich), and finally I ended up being an 80 year old man wearing suspenders and a comb over. Amazing!


Annalise said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. That game sounds funny.

Katy said...

I have not heard of this game and am still confused. You will have to explain some time...