Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Items in picture are smaller than they appear

Sonic SplitA Visit to Sonic

Jackie: (Pushes big red button.)
"Three .99 splits with caramel and chocolate.

Sonic Box: "shseiefefjaeofiaetrg ok"

Jackie: "OK, bye!"

Moments later: Window rolls down and car hop approaches

Jackie: (Looks at splits, then gaze goes to picture on menu board) "Those are tiny"

Car Hop: (turns and looks at ad on menu board) "Yep"


Katy said...

They may have been small but they sure were good! Perfect size if you ask me...not too much but left you wanting to come back for more! Um do you also remember when Jackie knocked over my water last night? Good night!!!

Katy said...

Oh yeah, remember when Jackie bought sliced peaches instead of madarin oranges for the salad last night? What would we do without Jackie? We might have to take up rowing!!!! Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

k katy, i must say that you have valid points about me. yes, i do have ridiculously long legs to kick things.

perfect size split?!? perhaps for a gnome. or maybe someone four feet tall. so I guess perfect for you.

And Kristi is right, I am a visual person. Thus, I chose the flashy can with orange on it. Yep, that's me. An illiterate, easily-fooled-by-shiny-objects kind of giant. Such is my lot in life.

Annalise said...

HAHAHAHA, that is funny. Yeah they're small, but that's why they're called JUNIOR. What did you expect? I haven't tried the carmel and choco one yet, I should do that...right now

Anonymous said...

True, Annalise, but I must direct your attention to my last post discussing my inability to read and being easily hoodwinked by garish signs. Thus, the word "Junior" would have meant nothing to me.

jenny said...