Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I received a text message from a girl in the Chichester ward on Monday inviting me to attend institute on Tuesday night at 7:30. I made a bold choice and decided to take her up on the offer and we made plans to have her pick me up at 7. The ride to the church pretty much terrified me out of ever wanting to attend this ward.

First of all last Sunday they had 20 people show up! 20! Then she told me that the average age in the ward is somewhere around 80! 80! As in 20 minutes away from taking the great dirt nap. She then went on to tell me that the ward used to be bigger but several people had died recently causing their numbers to shrink. (These are not things you say to a person who is already dreading going to church!)

So we get there and I find out that institute is me, Victoria (the girl that picked me up), and her sister....that's it. The three of us and Brother Kent, sitting around a table for an hour taking turns reading scriptures....which by the way I didn't even bring a set (oops).

The sad thing is when I arrived back at West Dean I stood around outside for 2 hours talking to a group of people that were hammered at 8:30 on a Tuesday night. I am very torn about what to do in this situation because I feel out of place with the alcoholics and the religious fanatics. Just had to put that out there. Comments and advice welcome.


Annalise said...

Oh no! I was afraid that might happen. Remember FHE in London? But only 3 people, that would be so akward. I don't really know what to tell you. I probably wouldn't go to church with a ward like that, but the alternative (the drunks) doesn't sound too appealing either. Can you just hang out with Victoria not at church? Or is she weird like Annalisa? Good luck, my friend. I'm sure everything will work out and you'll find your own niche soon enough!

Katy said...

that does sound real know me I say you should still go to church...could be entertaining too! I am proud of you for going with her to institute...dont know if I would have even done that. You know some times you need a break from all the drinking and what not...haha.

khaki said...

you'd know what i'd say.... screw church and get hammered.

(i really had to put this under katy's post)

Jenny said...

Umm, I'll comment after I stop WETTING MYSELF after reading Khaks comment.

Ok I'm done peeing. So Wow. Tough cookies. I'd probably stick it out for churchy, but maybe not institutey. Maybe you could use that time to just cheeeeiiillll (chill) you know? Like don't be with the drunkards but you could do your own thing... read a booo, take a walk in the glorious countryside! That way you can still go to churchy on Sunday but you don't have to go to institute with 2 peeps and you don't gots to be drunky. Eh?

Katy said...

Khaki you are soooo funny!!!!

k town said...

what the hell did jenny's comment mean? I'm confused. well, this is quite a dilemma. maybe you should just turn catholic, i hear they only go to church like twice a year. maybe give church a shot for a while and see how awkward/geriatric it is and go from there. a few sacrament meetings can't hurt, rigt?