Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Excerpt from an email I just sent

It's weird here because most of the people in my program are older, there is only one guy younger than me and he was born in 1982, which is only a couple months younger. Here is a list of people I like to hang out with so far...

Sonia: She is SO funny, she's English but has been living in Ireland for the last 5 years. She used to restore old maps and paper so she's pretty experienced in paper stuff. She's 41, which you would think would be weird, but it isn't at all. She keeps asking me to say things like ya'll and partner it's really funny

Jenny: An american from Virginia who went to school in Washington, but I don't remember the name of the school. I guess it's a place where you don't really have to pick a major and everything is pretty free thinking...Evergreen? that might be the name I'm not sure. She studied conservation for a year in Boston as North Bennet Street School which is a really good conservation school in the states. She's 28 and really smily.

Katherine: She's studing furniture restoration and is from Ireland. She is HILARIOUS! She is always doing differend accents and her American accent is pretty good.
Ham: His name is pronounces Harrrm. He's from Holland and is slowly learning English from all of us. He is also studying furniture restoration. Sonia always makes him laugh a lot and he usually ends up having to walk away because he's laughing so much. We taught him how to say "lovely" on Saturday and us used it many times correctly...sometimes incorrectly.
Those are just a few of the people I like to hang out with so far on the course, there are many more but I can't go through all of them.


Annalise said...

Excerpt from the email I will be sending back to you:

The people there sound "lovely". I can't believe there's a guy there named Ham. That might beat Faisal. Maybe. I wish I could be there in the afternoons so we could share all the funny things that happened during the day with each other, like old times. (Sigh) You are missed.

Michon said...

yay for your friends! do you bond in the pub?? i am so glad you are having fun!!!! I miss you far the london fund has...75.00 in it...hahaha

jenny said...

Jenny's are always clutch. And as I read this I hope you know I was imagining "I'm Eric, that's Jodie, that's Eva and you're cute" In my head. HOW FUN. Oh man. I am so jealous. that is so funny that they are so in love with your accent. Fantastic. I MISS YOU!

Michon said...

PLEASE tell me you saw office....sooo many great lines