Thursday, December 14, 2006

1 Year Annaversery!

Well one year and two days ago today I joined the blogosphere. And you what promped the whole thing to start? I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia with Annalise and Kelly and before the show started Annalise went to buy a package of Red Vines (crazy deliscious). As Kelly and I were sitting there somehow we got on the topic of blogs and what they were. At the end of the conversation I still had no idea what a blog was and decided to check it out the next day at work. In a last stitch effort to fill my day with something to do at I started a blog to unload my meaningless deivle on others. Thus my blog was born.

It's been an amazing investment of time and typing skills, google skills, photoshop skills and occasionally list making skills. In an effort to keep up on those skills I decided to make a couple lists, none of which have much relevance to one another.

Top 8 post titles:
8. Jolly Bunch of A**holes
7. All I want for Christmukkah is a Bar Mitz-vahkkah
6. Two Jacks, a crooked puppet, and a knocked up chick
5. does it look like i'm "hitn' that"?
4. "It's not like I "o-pah-ed" her plate"
3. The cackle of a man who's ankle should be broken.
2. I love lists. Lists, lists, lists
1. You bring your baby, I'll bring my dog and we'll meet at PetsMart. (thanks J)

8 Favorite British-isms
1. Pleased as punch: so happy you could drink a whole lot of punch
2. Nackered: to be shattered
3. Shattered: to be nackered
4. Foofle: to mess around and waste time
5. Two bites of a cherry: doing something the hard way
6. fagging winger: what Sonia says when she's trying to say wagging finger
7. Twit: jerk...but so much better
8. Tosser: glorified twit

3 nicknames I have received recently
Nursie Nurseberg
Bossie Bossberg
Drunkie Drunkberg (don't worry I wasn't drunk)
This game goes on and on with my name these days, it's really pretty funny.

One year of post reading and this is what I reward you, my readership with....I'm so sorry.


Annalise said...

Wow, I'm impressed you remembered so much detail about our trip to the movies. That seems so much longer ago than just a year. But what a year it's been!

Thanks so much for starting all the blogging, it really was a great idea. When are you coming home? Call me asap once you're back in the states. Can't wait to chat!

Katy said...

Congrats on the blogging! Clay is against blogs but maybe one of these days I will join...who knows. Always love the lists!! And thanks to your blogs I have something to look forward to each and every day here in the rainy northwest!!

jenny said...

WOW. AMAZING BLOG. Seriously. I got teary eyed. No, I didn't. But I almost actually legitimately cried, when brooke told me the 7-11 by our house is closing. And Im seriously crying now just thinking about it. Its like, a willy monument. Im so depressed. See you next week dawg.

Michon said...

congrats! now thats true commitment! wish i could see you in a week! have a happy christmas!

Annalise said...

CALL ME!!! I can't seem to get anyone to answer your phone.

jenny said...

PS- Seve got a new job at Victoria's Secret.