Saturday, December 30, 2006

ready or not here I come

This afternoon I brought out my inner child by playing hide and go seek with Kate. It was unlike any challenge I have ever undertaken. After counting to the specified number of 22 I would go and look for her through the house. The best part was that after looking for less than one minute I would hear "I'm in Jill's room!". It was awesome! Man that girl is funny!


Michon said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!!! Dont forget me please!!!

Katy said...

Oh the joys of little kids!!! I would LOVE to meet Kate one day!!! Sounds like you are having fun!

2 weeks...aaahhh

Annalise said...

I LOVE Kate Stories. I've gotta meet this kid, she is awesome.

Hey, when do you leave??? Call me sometime, okay? Miss you!

jenny said...

hahahah she is so funny! i love her. more kate blogs please