Monday, July 28, 2008

"A Choral Clash"

So this weekend I went to Brighton to see Catherine, enjoy the sunny weather and try to make myself a little less white. After two glorious days in the sun I was a little burned and a bit tanner and very hot. Anyway, in the evening we turned on the TV while eating dinner and were amazed to find a show called "Last Choir Standing"! That's right! An entire show dedicated to choirs dueling it out with cheesy smiles and choreography to boot. It was unbelievable...and obviously had to be shared with you.

This one gave me goose bumps...I know I'm a total choir nerd.


jenny said...

Thats like that show at Christmas last year with Nick Lachey and Michael Bolton! IT WAS AMAZING! I love the choirs!

Annalise said...

Let's get a choir together and go on the show! We would WIN!