Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dear Readership,

My parents arrive at London Gatwick tomorrow!!!!!

Just though you would want to know.



Jackie said...

so sorry for the absence of my comments. surgical rotation is way harder than i thought. but 1) glad that you are workin it with the pop up books 2) that the folks are taking the trip to see you 3) that you have graduation tomorrow!!! 4) that you blog about fun stuff. miss you

jenny said...

Ahhh That is so crazy! They were in 4th ward last week and it made me miss your guts. I miss you dearly. Please inform me of your new plans so I can see you!

jenny said...

Also, I LOVE ASLAN! Remember my Narnia blog!? My dad said the first Narnia had the "best special effects he'd ever seen" ... Seriously. True story. MISS YOU!