Thursday, July 24, 2008

A new hobby

Well I have taken up a new hobby which I know nothing about but have managed to endure so far. A couple other girls go to the Chichester pool three days a week to swim laps and as I need more exercise and recently became worried that my lung capacity was lacking I decided to join up. Until today I've been swimming sans contacts and in I'm swimming with strange blob people and craning to keep my head above water so I'm not constantly rubbing my eyes. So far I've just been doing the breast stroke (which I'm sure I'm doing wrong) and occasionally I get brave and do the back stroke. I am also unwilling to swim laps in the slow lane with the 80+ year olds who seem to just bob along which means I am swimming in the "medium" lane with the slightly more athletic yet still aged swimmers.

So I was swimming along and trying to keep a little ways behind this lady who seemed to be turning the crawl into a much harder stroke than it rhythm and kind of looked like she was drowning at times. Well as I said before I got brave and started doing the back stroke because she seemed to be a good distance away from me, however half way through the lap I suddenly discovered I was mowing her down and receiving a death look from a lady with a tiny pink nose plug. I did manage to keep a straight face when apologizing, but I'm not gonna lie it was pretty tough.

Luckily my order for a pair of goggles came in yesterday and today I enjoyed a clear visioned swim and actually managed to not drown anyone.


Clay and Katy said...

not much of a swimmer myself...i am pretty sure i can swim if in an emergency situation but definitely dont know what i am doing. props to you!!! and i am glad you can see is probably more enjoyable!! i would have been cracking up if i had seen that near run-in :) nice!

Annalise said...

Hahaha, that's pretty funny. I can't imagine swimming without goggles. That's so exciting you've taken up swimming! I miss the days long ago when I was a swimmer. Have fun!