Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Macy's Moments

So I realize that it is VERY stupid for one to blog about their work, however since the only thing happening in my life right now involves Macy's I feel I have no choice. Therefore I will proceed with a little series of posts I will call "Macy's Moments".

Dear Macy's,

What is the protocol for an associate to follow when a customer has an entire conversation with themself in another language while you are ringing up their purchases?

A. Ignore ignore ignore
B. Ask, "would you or your friend like to open up a Macy's credit card?"
C. Offer your opinion on any subject you desire in a third language
D. All of the above


1 comment:

Annalise said...

So I swear I left a comment already on Wednesday. It was something very witty. Huh. Well, now you're just stuck with this lame one instead. Sorry!

Oh, by the way, the new Keane CD is awesome! Thanks for the heads up!