Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making the rounds

So my plan to join a gym has been somewhat faltered by the fact that I make a whopping $100 a week on average, making a monthly gym payment a bit unreachable right now. In an effort to not have to run outside when it's REALLY cold (as in your lungs start to burn) I have started my tour of Frisco health clubs via the genius of the "7-day free pass".

So far I have worked my way through LifeTime Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness. Next up LA Fitness. That's nearly a month of free gym usage people! Clubs I can still mooch off of include Bally's Total Fitness, Snap Fitness, and if I'm desperate enough Curves. 4 out of 5 of these clubs includes the word fitness in the title....just had to mention that. Anyway, between 24 and LifeTime I vote LifeTime, however if you are unable to pay the $79 per month to join you may want to join the gym rats of the Frisco 24 Hour Fitness for the small price of $29.99 a month. The only downside to this evil plan.....gym sales people calling you non-stop to find out how your pass is working and pressuring you to join now before the incredible deal they have offered you expires!


Clay and Katy said...

nice! way to work the system k!!!

Annalise said...

It's so annoying how much gym memberships cost! 2 years ago a friend told me about the Discovery Health Challenge that is held yearly. You can join for free and with it came an 8 week free pass to Ballys. Remarkably Ballys only bothered me with their sales pitches the first day and I used that pass 5 days a week for the entire 8 weeks. It was awesome.

So I just checked and for 2009 it's only a 30 day pass, but still. Free is free. Check it out: http://health.discovery.com/national-body-challenge/promo/benefits.html.

I now use the U field house, which is like $3 a month since I'm an employee. I must admit the facilities are a little behind the times but there's just no way I could spend $30+ on a gym membership. Anyway, good luck!

k town said...

Dude, impressive. If there's a YMCA near you, I highly recommend. The one in Plano rocks. You should convince your parents to join and get a family membership.

Pearce Sterling said...

Very cool to work the system. Gym memberships=outrageous price. Good luck!