Friday, May 22, 2009

People Suck.....put that on a pillow

Ok, today a lady was carting around a butt load of clothes to take into the dressing room. I walked past her and she told me flat out that she was going to make a mess out of the dressing room. As in she was planning on trashing the place so I could go clean up her royal mess. She then put a ridiculous number of items on hold, pushed in front of another customer when she returned for her clothes, spilled cinnamon and sugar all over my check out area and then got mad at me for brushing away her detritus before laying her clothes down. SERIOUSLY! This is not an uncommon occurrence. It's events like these that have spawned my new life saying, "people suck" (said in a sarcastically happy sing song sort of way.....if you want the full effect).


Annalise said...

People DO suck. Your job makes me sad for the state of humanity.

Jacqueline said...

agreed with A's statement. it's tough not to hate 'em all.