Friday, May 29, 2009

Monster Craving

I recently watched an episode of a show called Unwrapped on the food network. Basically they show you how certain types of foods are made, well this particular episode was all about ice cream. The segment included an in depth analysis of the Dairy Queen Blizzard: how it's made, how the new flavors are invented, the testing process to make sure it can withstand the up-side-down test. Ever since this show all I can think about is Blizzards! Chocolate ones, Oreo ones, Reeces Peanut Butter cup ones, you name it I have thought about it. I thought the only way to rectify this was to go out and get one, so I did. THIS WAS A BAD IDEA! Now that I have the very recent memory of just how truly good these things are I want them all the time! No bueno!

1 comment:

Clay and Katy said...

yeah clay and i pretty much get one at least once a week...real bad. plus if you join their fan club ( you get a buy one get one free...bad news. peanut butter cup blizzard is the best by far!!!! i want one!