Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nigel & Imagen

In an effort to put off the writing of a really boring science assignment I have been categorizing my blog entries (notice the new set of labels attached to each post). This has given me the chance to go back and re-read bits of each entry in order to attach it to a specific label, a job not easily done as many of my posts are riddled with ridiculous comparisons and inarticulate thoughts. Nevertheless it has brought me to the conclusion that my posts are not nearly as funny as they used to be. What has happened?! In the beginning is was like "joke joke joke" and now it's "Hi I'm Kristi, this is what I did today". BORING! There are several obvious differences between the posts of yore and the posts of today.

1. I was working at a place where I spent around 50% of my day coming up with and perfecting my posts in order to maximize the funny.
2. I was surrounded by REALLY funny people (obviously not while at work, but the other hours of the day).
3. I was able to relate to said funny people with the help of several TV and inside joke references.

Needless to say I need to "up my funny" or start making up some really sweet stories about my new British friends "Nigel" and "Imagen".


jenny said...

Science? Dude. Ditch the science. My blog is not funny anymore either. I'm like "I ordered a grilled cheese and the guy got it wrong. Isn't that hilarious?" ... not funny. But alas, I feel my lack of funny is because you are not here to inspire my blog/find blog topics at petsmart with me. And for the record, your blog is still super duper to me.

Michon said...

dude...people still read your blog...and comment

Annalise said...

I love your blog! The only thing that really has changed has been the frequency of your blogging (for a good reason). But it's still so fantastic that it's the first blog I check on the computer!