Friday, February 09, 2007


Wow! I couldn't stop laughing at all of your answers! They were all fantastic! Can you imagine if that was the number of times someone sneezed? or the number of felony idictments I've been working up to? And may I just say Annalise that now more than ever I really wish I was going to Cracker Barrel and a movie with you, and of course the rest of the crew would come along. Anyway, none of you were correct, but many of you were close. 49 was the number of times that particular person said "ummmm" in the 15 minute presentation.


Annalise said...

Ohhh, yeah I had that in my comment but then erased it because I wanted to put funny but obviously incorrect answers. I hate it when presenters to that. So BORING! In one of my classes where we did presentation our prof made us take a tally of the times "um" was said and then we got graded accordingly. Tough.

Michon said...

UMMM...ummm..ummm..think of a new game! ummm...there are workers outside my window and maybe i should count how many times they say "can i get a screw driver?" provo is so interesting....kill me

Jackie said...

I had that professor. and it was for an advanced anatomy class!!

and i did write um as well but then thought that English people were so proper they'd say something else like righty-o' or brilliant instead.

and michon, i think i'd like it at your work. I'd likely daydream that the men were not asking for a tool, but rather planning their visit to the bar

jenny said...

Dangit! I was going to guess "like" but I realized that's an American thing. I would have been close!