Thursday, February 08, 2007

Air Loss

Today I sat through 5 presentations about how to monitor and control humidity, temperature and moisture in libraries. Needless to say my brain has turned to mush and I am slowly sucking all the air from the atmosphere due to excessive yawning.

Quick game: I counted to 49 during one of the presentations....what was I counting?


Annalise said...

The number of times you yawned? The number of times you looked at your watch? The number of times you wished you were going to Cracker Barrel and a movie tonight with me?

jenny said...

49 years old...the number of people you think look like Clark Gable? The number of people you think look like a Clark Bar? 49 souvenir shot glasses? The number of felony idictments you wish you had? 49 stitches from someone in your class' nose job? 49 insights into your soul?

Good guesses...but yeah, I have no idea.

Jackie said...

most likely it's the number of times the speaker said "right" or "humidity" or "dew point"

or the number of times you thought about Amsterdam

Michon said...

how many times your head hit the desk? times someone sneezed? moments you wished that hugh grant was speaking about humidity? freckles on your arm? wow...this is a fun game...p.s. i hate hair turns into a bad perm that people from nebraska pay good money for