Thursday, February 22, 2007

Warning: Boredom May Occur

Well I was thinking about the things I've seen here and what we do and I decided I needed to mention it at least once in this blog if for no other reason than to avoid being called a transponster in the future. Last term we saw a lot of pretty amazing things that I managed to take some pictures of, so I thought I would share a few of them with you.

I thought this book was interesting mostly because it looks like a patch work quilt. I fully intend on trying to produce one of these some day.

The cover boards of books used to be made of old waste papers laminated together with paste or glue. This cool looking guy used to be part of a cover board before the board was humidified and the sheets of paper making the cover were separated. I think it is a sketch of one of the carvings on Canterbury Cathedral.

This one is a super fancy book with really heavy silver embellished covers. Really amazing and really heavy. I'm pretty sure the original owner of this book would take one look at me and ask where her tea was and why I am so slow at answering her every beckoned call.

This is what happens when a velum book comes in contact with a fire. Not pretty. Sadly there isn't a way to make this one go back to its original shape, the plan is to humidify the pages enough to temporarily flatten them and scan them so that the contents will still be available for readers. The binding itself will go back to this shape once it drys out.

Ok, hopefully you made it through all of that without suffering some sort of head injury from your melon hitting the keyboard. Then again maybe you learned something new, maybe that thing was that Kristi is boring and should never talk about conservation again.


Annalise said...

Not boring, very cool! Thanks for sharing. You should talk about what you do over there more often. I really like the patchwork book too.

Michon said...

SO not boring!!! my semester pictures would include me at gas stations...different coke cups...sad. LOOKS have such a sweet life my friend! I miss you!!! the quilting book reminds me of when my mom finished your quilt...then let you use the sacred machine...ugh...still alittle pissed about that...not at you though!

Clay and Katy said...

hahaha!! that sounds cool and i love the pics. keep up the hard work!

Jackie said...

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that's all i have to say