Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Herd of Dog Deer

This weekend Catherine and I took a little day trip to a place called Knole, another run of the mill stonking British home filled with history and antiques. The house was fantastic and had loads of conservation going on which is interesting to the two of us. The house contains some of the oldest original textiles in the country (which I must say are really worn and a bit ugly but textiles are quite fragile). The most exciting thing about the visit was that the house has a deer park much like Petworth House had. You may remember a previous post about "dog deer", well this time I was able to feed one of them. We had some dried berries in the car for a snack and lucky for us dog deer happen to love dried berries, so one of them ate them from our hands!


Clay and Katy said...

umm that sounds cool...but what does 'stonking' mean???

K said...

Stonking: Huge, very impressive.

Clay and Katy said...

thank you :)