Monday, October 29, 2007

A Party to Remember

Well the West Dean Halloween party took place this weekend and it did not disappoint. Here are some pictures of the costumes.

Catherine as a witch and Sarah as a gargoyle


Removing my brain freeze

Zack in his sweet mask

Matt, Catherine and Julie

The costume contest


Annalise said...

Wow, sweet! You know this is the first year I will not be dressing up for halloween. Kinda sad. Looks like you had fun!

ashley said...

Did you have a buzzer to go along with the costume? I love how everyone went all out with their costumes!

Michon said...

that looks like the funnest a castle no less!!! AHHH you life really rocks!

jenny said...

AWESOME COSTOME. I miss you so much. I am not even kidding. I cleaned out my desk today and found a pic of youze and meez. It made me want to go to petsmart with our dogs and babies.