Monday, October 01, 2007

The Threatdown

Well a threat has been made and a response is necessary. Someone…. I won’t name names, made a comment that if I did not blog lickity-split they would begin a very serious fast. One similar in seriousness to a somewhat famous person called Gandhi or a young man who goes by the name Jesus (sorry so sacrilegious). A fast so serious it would no doubt require removing this link from their blog and perhaps even clearing her browser cache in order to remove the temptation.

Well I would hate to lose this particular member of my readership and I must admit I have some doubts as to the actual strength of this person coming through with the threat, but just in case she was truly determined I felt I must blog to appease her.

In keeping with my love of list making I decided to make a little list of some of my favorite moments from week one (these are in on particular order):

1. Sonia falling asleep during the fire talk…these people are obsessed with fire.
2. Figuring out the limits of Sonia’s label maker…my favorite label was in a waving banner, with shadowed and outlined text…nice.
3. Singing about a “salty dog” in the bar with the jug band
4. Gold tooling sentences like “Sonia is a riot” and “ititt isti sit rato”
5. Joining a queue on the streets of Brighton without actually knowing what it was for…just saw a queue and joined, no questions. Then when Catherine and I got to the front we just sat there bumbling like idiots to the person who was apparently handing out parking permits
6. Learning the ins and outs of the new icemaker in the bar. Who knew someone could be so excited about a little frozen water, but he has even managed to name the parts, one of them being “Scoop”.

All in all it was a good first week and I’m hoping the next 12 only get better.


Annalise said...

Way to go Jenny! Getting results!

Great lists, by the way. Who actually stands in line without knowing what it's for???

jenny said...

Annalise it wasn't me!!!

Okay, it was me guys. GET OVER IT. SHE NEEDED TO BLOG.

Good list. I'm pleased. Your link stays, and my attention is yours.

But should you fail me again....

jenny said...

PS I forgot to tell you, we had a lazy Saturday the other saturday...

And this conversation occured.

ME: This is missing 2 things. Name them.

Kristin: Provo Bakery and Kristi.

She got them within seconds. No second guesses. No pauses. Flat out answered perfectly. We miss you so much.