Monday, November 05, 2007

Decorated Papers

Well last week was one of those full on jam packed weeks. All of the postgraduate students were on a decorated paper course which taught us all sorts of things, 0ne of which was that when I grow up I want to make decorated papers. We learned several techniques including suminagashi (bless you), traditional marbling, block printing, guilt papers, and paste paper. It ended up being a really good course that was very tiring as we worked from 9am to 10pm. Here are some of my favorite papers I produced.

My attempt at a traditional stone pattern

A fun paste paper

A form of marbling called Ebru where you make pictures with the marble



Annalise said...


Clay and Katy said...

oooh very cool...i think i need some maybe for christmas or something... :) your paper is very cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally envy your paper producing abilities, not to mention the paper itself. You are amazing!

k town said...

Oh my gosh, those are BEAUTIFUL. jolly good work, old chap!