Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bookie-palooza 2008

Ok, so I know that is the most LAME title EVER, but that's all I could think of. So today Sonia and I head off for a little road trip to Loughborough (no idea where that is) to attend the annual Society of Bookbinders Conference. (I know I'm lame) Anyway, people are requesting posts and I figure I should deliver, no matter how boring and close to losing the will to live I push you guys to.

So the Society of Bookbinders operates under the acronym SoB....I realize I am about 11 years old, but how funny is that? I think when your acronym makes inappropriate three letter words or acronyms for other less than PG phrases, maybe it's time to set that idea aside and go by your full name. Just had to get that out there because apparently I have yet to move up to the 5th grade.

Needless to say I will be away for a couple days and nowhere near a computer, but I just wanted to get something out there for M and J who have been telling me I am missed lately....thank you very much, I miss you too.


Annalise said...

The will to live...oh I just lost it.

Just kidding! SOB, that's pretty funny. I probably would have overkilled that joke by now if I was you. Have fun with your SOB!! Hehe, see?

Jackie said...

we have that same acronym but it stand for "Shortness of Breath." so one of the docs was telling me this time when he had a lady come in with shortness of breath who got a hold of her chart and of course read her chief complaint as "SOB" and was literally yelling at him for what he wrote. needless to say she felt so embarrassed after he explained it to her

jenny said...

Uh. That is hilarious. You are the best. Thanks for uppin the blog and uppin the awesome.