Monday, April 21, 2008

Book a dentist appointment

Have you ever looked at someone and thought about what they would sound like before actually hearing them only to be completely shocked by what you actually hear? I was on the train from Chichester to Brighton on Friday and this nice looking girl in very conservative work wear got on the train. She looked like a nice enough girl maybe even a little sheepish. Well as soon as she got on the phone I was very rudely awakened. First of all she was one of those London girls who says "right" after every word, kind of like the American "like". She then went on to use probably the most foul language I had ever a PUBLIC train, where everyone could hear her. Then she started telling the person on the phone about how the phrase "I'm going to punch your teeth in" can be a very effective phrase and that the person on the phone on the phone should start using it. AND then she said this, "Tell her to book a dentist appointment now because come Monday she's gonna need one." I about lost it!.....and also made sure to not make any eye contact with this chick because she was clearly off her head. Just had to share that one.


Jackie said...

she does sound like a crazy, but how funny is that? I'm totally using that line next time I'm accosted.

so apparently I developed a mouth from living here, or so the family says. During their visit in December, I must of really agitated them with it, and my Dad, who hasn't done this in years, strongly scolded me on my language in the car with all member's of the family present. The boys turned to me with one of those sucka! faces on and something along the lines of "you just got took!" Yeah, I'm 25.

Annalise said...

So I also have somewhat of a potty mouth. I swear A LOT. I'm not sure why. But I know when it is and isn't appropriate. Like a few weeks ago we were at a Real soccer game and these pricks were shouting F*** like every other word, with kids sitting right in front of them. I wanted to punch them (or maybe tell them to book a dentist appointment, haha). Be smart people!

jenny said...

haha that is awesome. She sounds crazy. Crazy loon. I love when you blog.