Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Sheet of Paper

Someone told me about this exhibition at the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery in DC. The rule was the artist could only use one sheet of paper. You should check it out.


jenny said...

yeah. because he has been so kick-a for so many years, that now he just gets to sit around and do nothing but have people adore him.

how dare you say he doesn't do much anymore.

i miss you. that piece of paper is rad. i want to see the exhibitionary

Annalise said...

Oh cool! This totally reminds me of an exhibition at the Guggenheim of shapes like this cut out of paper bags. I tried to find it online just now but couldn't. Anyway, it's really neat.

Jacqueline said...

awesome! i have my break in two weeks, I might have to take another visit down there