Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Something Surreal

Well the new term has started back up at West Dean and I have been given a very curious object. It is an exhibition catalogue from a Salvador Dali exhibition....and boy is it a strange one. As you can see it is a figure made of hair with a drawer coming out of her face. To make matters even more surreal they decided to make her breasts flip open and show off little images of the work in the exhibition. Needless to say it is an interesting project...to say the least.


Annalise said...

Salvador Dali is so weird. I've tried to get into his stuff but I just can't. Sounds like your project will be interesting at least.

Clay and Katy said...


Jackie said...

agreed, surrealism seems so bizarre. Dali was huge on symbolism, so I'm trying to figure out the meaning. If the rest of his work comes out of the breasts, perhaps he's indicating that the creation of art comes from the nourishment of a woman? or maybe it's just all about sex. i could never figure it out.