Monday, January 26, 2009

All Hail Target!

I'm pretty sure everyone knows how much I LOVE Target. I mean I applied to work for them in India! India! As I have recently acquired my 4th cold since being home I am considering the purchase of a neti pot (yes the pot I previously blogged about which scared the bejesus out of me). Desperate times call for desperate measures people! And in this case it calls for the flushing out of my nasal cavity.

Anyway, I was planning on getting said pot from Whole Foods (hippie organic store sure to carry a neti pot), Jackie told me to get one from Target. An idea I quickly discounted....why would Target carry a neti pot? People, I just looked it up online and they carry not one, but 4! 4 versions of the nose juicer! So tomorrow after my interview for the job that could set me free from the Macy's grasp (think good thoughts for me I need all the good energy I can get) I will be heading to Target, the place where nobody knows my name, but never ceases to amaze me with their wide variety of goods. Thank you Target.


Annalise said...

You have a job interview?!!! Yay! Congrats! Good luck, I'll definitely be sending good thoughts your way. What sort of job is it?

Clay and Katy said...

Oh Target...I think I could go on and on about that wonderful store!!!! Hope you find what you are looking for...not sure I would ever be brave enough to attempt using the pot but let me know how it goes...hope you start feeling better! And good luck on your interview...what is it for??