Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Obama Circus

I almost never talk about politics, but I'm reaching my breaking point with the prospect of the inauguration. We are in a recession....nearly depression and Obama is spending a whopping 140 MILLION on his inauguration! I do realize that this money is donated, but it still seems a large price to pay to swear someone into office. I know it's a historical event, blah, blah, blah but I can't help thinking that we are going to spend the next 4 years watching this man spend spend spend. That is not the kind of "change" I am looking for. On top of this I just saw a commercial where all the people performing at the inauguration were listed, it was like a commercial for the Grammys. Again donated services which I understand, but it does seem a little over the top.

This is only my first beef, second I am very irritated with the media and their continuous coverage about the upcoming dog purchase and Michelle Obama's redecorating of the White House. These stories have been run more than once on CNN, MSNBC, the radio and my local TV stations. I like Obama for the most part and am very interested to see how his presidency unfolds, but the focus on these little things is quite frankly putting me off a little bit. Ok, I'll get off my soap box now. Just some things I've been thinking about lately.


Clay and Katy said...

for once you and clay actually agree!!!!!! he was just mentioning this the other day :)

Jacqueline said...

i agree that the dog purchase is a bit over the top, but since I'm going to that star studded concert today, I'm gonna have to take the low road on that one. I'll let you know if the 140 was well spent.

bradget said...

Yes! We all know I'm not an intellect but I'm frankly more interested in his opinion on imigration then which dog their family is adopting. Call me crazy.

I also thought the exact same thing today when hearing about all the expenses being put in to this spectacular. I wonder how much Lincoln's inauguration cost?

Annalise said...

How DARE you criticize Obama, the Christ! He is perfect and can do no wrong.

Hehe, just kidding. I'm 100% with you. The media just has to always have something to talk about and real politics is just too boring? Seriously, who cares what the Obama girls eat for lunch at school??? I can't wait till all this hype is over and he can get to work.