Friday, January 23, 2009

The Neti Pot

So for Christmas my brother-in-law asked for one of these little babies, also known as a "neti pot". I call it the nose juicer. Basically you use this thing to flush out excess snot from your nasal cavity and ease sinus congestion. I watched this video on how to use this little contraption and was thoroughly disturbed by the idea of using this thing. I was then reminded of this image from The Office:

Thus bringing together my elf sock, the neti pot and one of my favorite shows The Office. It all seemed very blog-worthy to me. Again, you are welcome.

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Jackie said...

yeah, so this is a standard recommendation for my attending to suggest to those with sinus congestion... I have yet to try it, and I'm feeling that 2009 is not the year for that one