Monday, June 08, 2009

A Slight Obsession

Ever since my road trip with Jackie I have been on a search for these pretzels we bought at some random gas station in New Jersey. I've checked Target, Walmart, Tom Thumb, and EVERY gas station I actually go into. These things can NOT be found. So, if by chance you come across a bag of Rold Gold Pretzel Waves with Vanilla Yogurt Drizzle, buy a package for yourself.....and a second one for me. Although lets be honest, I'm not gonna see that bag because they are so good you will most likely eat both bags yourself.


Annalise said...

I have not even heard of these! But they look amazing. I'll keep my eyes open!

Jacqueline said...

yeah, i just looked it up on frito lay's website and they don't even have them listed!